Low Voltage Switchboards, Panelboards & Meter Boards

Whether you need Switchgear, Switchboards, Panelboards, Bus Duct, Service Entrance & Metering Sections, or an engineered-to-order combination of low voltage electrical equipment, Myers Power Products has a solution. Myers has been and continues to be a leader in the manufacturing and design of Low Voltage Power Systems for more than 40 years and offers a wide range of wide range of low voltage electrical equipment for power distribution, motor control, protection & control systems, service entrance, metering, and non-segregated busduct applications for both AC and DC systems. Whatever your requirement, we have a design to meet your needs. Our own best-in-class products can be integrated with those of multiple third party manufacturers to bring you the most versatile and customizable solutions available in the market today. From simple indoor switchgear assemblies to stand-alone outdoor NEMA 3R equipment and complex integrated PDCs, we have the expertise to design, fabricate, test, install, and commission our products to meet your specifications.

Our Low Voltage products are custom-designed by our highly experienced in-house engineering team, ensuring our solution matches your needs precisely. Whether your project is greenfield or brownfield, simple or complex, domestic or international, you can count on Myers for reliability, durability, and flexibility.

With Myers, anything is possible!

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Low Voltage Switchboards, Panelboards & Meter Boards
Myers’ Distribution Switchboards offer flexibility to accommodate both circuit breakers and fusible switches in the same compartment. Our group mounted construction offers voltage ratings up to 600 V and up to a 4000A main bus with many possible combinations of breaker sizes and manufacturers and mounting styles that may be needed to protect and service large loads from a limited space. Myers also provides an integrated switchboards that combines the main breaker, utility metering, transformer and distribution feeder sections into one enclosure delivering valuable savings in both floor space and installation labor. Myers’ custom designed Low Voltage Switchboards are UL 891 compliant and can be manufactured as a free-standing structure or wall-mounted unit to meet nearly any dimensional, paint, or enclosure requirements.
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Myers’ Commercial Panelboards are available in voltages up to 600 V and the main bus delivers up to 1600 A. Our flexible designs are UL 67 compliant, with our own file that allows for installation of multiple manufacturer’s circuit breakers. Myers’ Distribution Panelboards can accommodate circuit breakers and/or fusible switches in the same common interior. The main bus for these panels is rated up to 1600A, 600V and 200 kA symmetrical short circuit maximum. The branch breakers or switches are UL compliant up to 1200A. Larger frame breakers can be installed as branch devices, resulting in a smaller and lighter solution when space is at a premium. Myers’ flexible panelboard design provide options for multiple NEMA enclosure types, paint, dimensions, and configuration. No matter what your need, Myers had the solution for you.
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Myers Power Products Commercial offers a full line of Meter Panels for service entrance sections in single and multi-tenant manufacturing facilities, retail centers, large residential sites, and many other facilities. Our design conforms to all the latest EUSERC requirements and we maintain our own UL 414 file. Meter Panels are available in ratings up to 600 V, 5000 A main bus, and 200 kA bracing. Available in 3, 6, and 10 meter stack standard designs or custom designs, the meter panels can incorporate either bar or window-type current transformers. We offer a unique modular construction that makes Myers Meter Panels easy to unload, fast to install, and compact in size. Myers in-house engineering expertise and vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for maximum design flexibility, decreased cost savings, and minimized lead times. 
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Myers Power Products Permanent & Mobile Unit Substations are available in 480 V — 38 kV voltage ratings and custom designed to meet your specifications. These close-coupled assemblies are comprised of enclosed primary medium voltage equipment, a three-phase power transformer (up to 5 MVA), and enclosed secondary medium voltage or low voltage equipment. We offer a large number of transformer options including liquid filled, dry type, high fire point oil or silicon, vacuum pressure impregnated coil, or cast coil. Myers Permanent & Mobile Unit Substations can be integrated into a Power Distribution Center or designed for nearly any application, including indoor, outdoor, wheeled mobile, and NEMA 201-1982 and IEEE 100-1977-compliant skid mounting.


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