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Illuminator LV
Single-Phase Emergency Lighting Systems: 175VA, 350VA, 550VA and 750VA

Illuminator LV:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals


Seismic Catalog - Illuminator E-H/IE-H & Illuminator CIII-H
The Illuminator Series E/IE-H and CIII-H are the latest innovation in Emergency Lighting Inverter technology. The Illuminator -H series is Myers' shaker table tested and approved expansion to the industry leading Central Emergency Lighting inverters.
These systems meet the requirements of CBC 2010 and IBC 2009 and have been shaker table tested in accordance with ICC-ES-AC-156 procedures to an SDS level of 2.5g. In addition they have received OSHPD (California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) Special Seismic Certification. This is the most rigid seismic standards currently being specified.

Illuminator LV:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals

Illuminator EM
The Illuminator EM central lighting inverter system is the newest product in our Illuminator series of lighting inverters.  It combines the full features of the Illuminator Series E and the small compact footprint of the Illuminator CM.  The Illuminator EM system is available from 1000 VA/W up to 2800 VA/W.  The EM system with all its available options features the smallest cabinetry in the industry that can be either wall or floor mounted.  As with all Myers Power Products lighting inverter systems our fast transfer technology is 98% efficiency and can support all lamp sources including HID and LED.

Illuminator EM:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals  |  1-Line Drawings

Illuminator E & IE
The Illuminator E & IE are central inverter systems for emergency lighting and are available in both standard Series IE and fast transfer Series E models. Breakthrough design features one cabinet construction for systems up to 16,700 Watts to help reduce footprint and installation costs. This product contains advanced communications features & benefits which clearly set it apart from any other product.

Illuminator E:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals  |  1-Line Drawings
Illuminator IE:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals  |  1-Line Drawings

Illuminator CIII
The Illuminator CIII, a central inverter system for emergency lighting applications, provides all the dependable features of the Illuminator C with the added benefits of three-phase. Offered in two basic sizes/power ratings with a variety of battery and battery cabinet configurations available.

Illuminator CIII:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals  |  1-Line Drawings

Illuminator CM
The Illuminator Series CM is a compact, modular emergency lighting inverter. Typical applications include all types of HID fixtures, quartz restrike, fluorescent, incandescent, and low voltage lighting. This series is well suited for outdoor emergency egress lighting, medium size offices, and warehouses. The modular design and low MTTR ensure easy maintenance and field upgradability.

Illuminator CM:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals  |  1-Line Drawings

Illuminator CR/DR
The Illuminator Series CR & DR is an emergency lighting inverter available in single or three phase for installation outdoors. The inverter transfers to emergency mode within 2mS when utility power is lost which allows the system to support all types of lighting loads including HID. The outdoor rated cabinet allows installation in remote locations and where space in not available indoors. Combining more than thirty years of experience, this product uses the latest technologies to provide all of the features and benefits for a truly reliable emergency lighting system. 

Illuminator CR:  Catalog/Specifications/Manuals  |  1-Line Drawings


   Illuminator Series LV


Illuminator LV Cut Sheet PDF

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   Seismic Catalog - Illuminator E-H/IE-H & Illuminator CIII-H


Seismic Catalog - Illuminator E-H/IE-H & Illuminator CIII-H PDF

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